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Jerry Charles

Project Manager

Benefits of AAC:


Fire Safety

Highest UL fire ratings in the industry provide a fire safe environment

Product is non-combustible

No toxins or gases emitted when exposed to fire

Excellent Thermal Efficiency

Thermal performance eliminates insulation

Reduces Life-Cycle energy costs

Low heat transfer rate

Outperforms conventional wood and concrete masonry construction

Economic Advantages

Fast-track construction and fewer finish materials provide a low cost capital option

No furring, insulation or drywall needed

An experienced four-man team and a single crane operator can install AERCON panels at a rate of four to six minutes per panel

Low maintenance costs


AAC is a purely mineral-based building material, sand, water and limestone. These natural materials are major components of the earth’s crust and can be found in almost unlimited quantities throughout the world.

Since the sources of the raw materials are practically inexhaustible, the environment is not being robbed of irreplaceable resources.